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domenica 14 febbraio 2016

Neapolitan pizza ... gluten free recipe

the real italian recipe, with only 1 g of fresh yeast and 24 hours of rising

Sorry, but this is my first recipe in English! I'm a sicilian blogger, all my recipes are in Italian but this pizza is too good and I decided to translate for my non italian friends! So, this is for you, people of the world! And forgive my translation mistakes :) 

Serves: two pizzas

First of all: prepare 300 g of a mixture of flour, made of these (or similar)* industrial (gluten free) Mix*:

* (I wrote the ingredients of all the Mix I used, so if you can’t find them in your Country (probably), you can substitute similar containing the same main flour)

. 120 g of Bread-Mix - Mix B Schär (ingredients: maize starch, rice flour, lupine protein, dextrose, apple fibre, thickener: hydroxypropylméthylcellulose, salt)
. 120 g of FibrePan Bread & Pizza Mix, Farmo (ingredients: deglutinated wheat starch, corn starch, skimmed milk powder, sugar, Psyllium seeds fiber, chicory fibres (inulin), thickener: guar gum, E464, anticaking agent: calcium carbonate)
. 60 g of Mix It! Universal Schär (ingredient: rice flour, potato starch, sugar, thickener: hydroxypropyl méthyl cellulose, locust bean gum; salt, emulsifier: mono and dyglicerides of fatty acids)

first step


Time (24 hours before cooking pizza)
08:00 p.m. of Friday

(for example, if you want to cook the pizzas at eight p.m., you need to make the Biga at eight p.m. of the day before)


100 g of the total of the mixture of flour prepared
100 g water (20-22°C)
1 g fresh yeast

Dissolve yeast in water at room temperature (20-22°C), add the mixture and mix well with a fork. Then cover with foil and make with a toothpick some small holes (to breathe the yeast better), then cover with cloths and let stand at room temperature (20-22°C) for 18 hours (maximum 24 hours, no more, nor less than 18), away from drafts.

the Biga, before the rising (on the left) and after (on the right and below)

Second step


Time (18 hours after the Biga + 3 hours (depending on temperature) of rising)
02:00 p.m of Saturday

(for example, if you made the Biga at eight p.m. of the day before, you can knead at two p.m. of the day after)

140 g water (warm, 30°C)
200 g of the mixture of flour prepared
the Biga
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
7 g salt
5 g sugar

Dissolve sugar in half of the warm water (30°C) inside the kneading machine, turn it at the minimum speed and add part of the mixture of flour (some tablespoons), then stop the machine and add all the Biga. Re turn the machine, at the minimum speed, and add alternately the rest of the mixture of flour, the rest of the water (in which you will dissolve salt) and the olive oil. When finished, increase the speed of the machine (medium speed) and knead for 5 or 6 minutes.
Then, put the dough in an oiled bowl, close with a cover (no cloths, but a cover such as a dome) and let it rise until it doubled in volume (look the pictures. I need 3 hours – in winter – at the temperature indicated above. If the temperature is different, the times will be different. Follow closely, expecially the first few times. I usually put the bowl in the oven off, with the internal light on).

the dough before the rising (on the left) and after (on the right)
and, below, the dough balls during their last rising

Third step

formation of the dough balls

Time (3 hours after kneading (depending on the temperature) + 2 hours (depending on temperature) of rising)
05:30 p.m. of Saturday

Divide the dough in two parts, using a silicone spatula, or similar, greased with olive oil. Then, form two balls with floured hands (rice and corn flour) and put them in a floured container, brush with oil and water emulsion and cover (with another container for the first hour and cloths after) for about two hours (look the pictures below) at 20-22°C (no more). If they rise first, you can refrigerate and remove an hour (and half, if necessary) before.

the dough balls before their last rising

the dough balls after their last rising

Turn on the oven in the unventilated traditional mode (over and under), 30 minutes before cooking the pizzas, putting a refractory stone in the lowest level of the oven before turning it (if you don’t have a refractory stone – such as terracotta – overturn the drip pan). The temperature of the oven must be of 250°C.

Stretch the dough on a well floured board (rice and corn flour), gently, with your fingertips. Reach the size of a normal italian pizza, leaving the edges swollen.

Then, put gently (this is the most delicate phase, because it will be very soft) the pizza on a wooden floured shovel, cover the pizza with tomato sauce (not too much) and extra virgin olive oil and put the pizza over the refractory stone (for 5 minutes).
Remember, if you're not used to the stone, stretch the dough on floured baking paper or inside a floured round baking pan, and cook it with the paper or the pan over the overturned drip pan (for the first 5 minutes).

After 5 minutes, remove the pizza with a metal shovel, add the other ingredients (such as mozzarella! Ham must be added after cooking) and cook it for other 5-7 minutes, in the same position and at the same temperature.

Post scriptum
If you want that your pizza will be more and more similar to that of neapolitan pizzeria, you have to dirty the border with a discontinuous thin layer of tomato sauce!

I hope you enjoined this recipe! If yes, you can follow me on my Facebook page, where you can leave your messages (but also here!)

many kisses from ... la cucina di Bimba Pimba

the gluten free Industrial Mix of flours used in this recipe are these...

LE VIDEO RICETTE DI BIMBA PIMBA ... cliccate sul titolo che vi interessa

LE VIDEO RICETTE DI BIMBA PIMBA ... cliccate sul titolo che vi interessa

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